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Expands net Framework. The new interactive method supports local and federal Azure AD users and Azure Name guest users. When this method is used, the MFA authentication applied by Azure AD is supported for SQL databases. In addition, the authentication process requires a user password to fit the best security applications.

For more information and example, see the “SQL – Azure AD Universal and Multi-Factor Authentication Support” on the .net blog.

Net Framework 4.7.2 supports encryption based ALWAYS encrypted. The Always Encrypted original version is a client side encryption technology that the encryption keys will not be separated from the client. Encde Based Always Encrypted, the client can be considered as part of SQL Server, but can send a secure-encrypting keys that are a safe calculation presence that cannot be played with SQL Server code. The .NET Framework 4.7.2 adds the following types and members in the System.Data.SqlClient Namespace to support encryption based ALWAYS encrypted:

SQLENCLAVEATTESTATIONPARETERS provides proof parameters used by SQL Server to obtain the information required to carry out a specific proof protocol.

The user creates a SQL Server encrypted connection and this supports encryption based ALWAYS encrypt. The driver communicates with the proving service to make sure it is connected to the correct generation.

Starting with .NET Framework 4.7.2, a diagnostic assistant, ResourCedictionaries can find the item that is created from a specific source URI. (This feature is not according to the production applications, but is used by diagnostic assistants.) Visual Studio allows a diagnostic assistant, such as “Edit Edit and Continue”, the user to organize a Resourcedictionary to ensure that the changes are applied to the employee application. One step that obtains this is that the employee is finding all the Resourcees created from the dictionary that is organizing. For example, an application may report a resourcedictionary copied from a specific source URI:

Myrd. A diagnostic assistant organizing the original formatting in XAML can use the new feature to find the dictionary. The property is applied by a new static method of Resourcedictionarydiagnostics.GetResourCedictionariesforsource. The diagnostic assistant calls the new method using an absolute URI describing the original formatting as shown in the code below:

Starting with the .NET Framework 4.7.2, a diagnostic assistant can find a specific ‘s holder in ResourCedictionary. (The property is not according to the production applications, but is used by diagnostic aids.) Resourcedictionary WPF automatically finds all DynamicResource applications that may be affected by the change.

Visual Studio “Edit and Continue” feature, such as a diagnostic assistant, this may want to expand it to process StaticResource applications. The first step of this transaction is the owners of the dictionary; In other words, Resources (directly or indirectly through the ResourCedictionary.MergedDictionaries property) to find all objects that apply for the property. Three new static methods applied to the class, for each of the basic species, a property, the Resources supports this step:

A diagnostic assistant can now take notice when a StaticResource application is resolved.

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