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When the roulette game starts, the players are supplied. It does not write any figure on these plugs. The value of roulette chips is separated by colors. The plugs are six to eight different colors and 300 groups. Each player on the table selects its own plug color and determines the plug value. Roulette tables are usually not bet on the bottom of five dollars. The plug values ​​are distinguished with icons on them. These icons are printed on the plugs by the casino. The game is played on a wheel format rotating on the roulette table. There are different types of roulette games. The American roulette has 38 digits on the impeller. These are the figures from 1 to 36 There are also 0 and 00. The impeller bets each player to the number, color and line before returning.

In which number came, they win the player or players that bet on that number, the color and order of that number. It can also be betting in single figures, double figures, red color and black color. In the European roulette, everything in the wheel and the game rules are the same but there is no figure 00. So total is 37 digits. For this reason, the rate of winning the American roulette may be called a little more. The French roulette is also similar to the European roulette, but this roulette has a rules difference. When the figure of 0 comes, half of the odds of the betting on the double numbers are returned back. The French roulette is a less preferred roulette than the other two roulette type.

Poker is a playing playing game based on both chance and strategy. Today, the history of the played poker is known to correspond to the early 1900s. Although different types of poker games are developed in time, it is the most known and played poker game Texas Hold’em Poker today. Poker is played with a 52-card game stack between 2 and 10 people. Learning poker is extremely simple. With the cards that are distributed, you have to have one of the winning hands in the poker game. Since there is not only a game-based game based on the chance, you need to know the poker rules well. When the game begins, the two cards that the alone player can see. Then the five cards they can see and use all the players on the table are distributed.

Players do the hands of five cards consisting of combining papers in their hands with community papers or without combining. Then betting tours start. Bets turn clockwise on the table. Bet starts from the distributor’s side of the player. Shifts to a right after each hand. This rule applied to each new is supported by blind betting in order to ensure that the pot is money. Blind betting; The distributor immediately is the players to the right two rights and automatically bet on the hand. Players try to win the game by doing the best hand on the ground and other players in their hands with two paper given to them. Players before hands open; they can upgrade or pass the bet.

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