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Since this regime is per work, in the last two years, our 3k thousand 669 laborers have gone victim to business murders. Someone who has been married, whom, who did his father, who have lost his wife, fiancé. But some things have never been changed for this guardian’s Palace. The responsibility of the deceased is always destroyed ‘to the’ ducation of work ‘. The rank to the dies, the healing to the injured, passed.

Is this guardian in the palace regimen only our laborers? No. As the hearts are told in a pain in Yemen Turkey, ‘our rich gives the price, our military is the poor.’ The poor, the fuchards of the fuchards are paid to the poor. In February of this year, we have not forgotten the big facie we live in Syria. In the iDlib, we have bombed our Mehmetçikik, Russian planes where they drive to the field without air protection. Not once, but a few times. Our 36 soldier was martyr. Tens of soldiers were injured. And 36 the blood of our briefly stayed on the floor. The arrogance of the palace, instead of asking the account of the poured blood of the mehmetry, we found the remedy to the door of the bombing our military. The medet was held at the door he was waiting for minutes in Moscow. The pride of our nation was hurt.

Now in Libya, the airport is the airport. Who is bombing? Is Russia or Egyptian, United Arab Emirates or another state? We don’t know. Because the journalists who wrote what is going on in Libya are immediately thrown to the dungeons of the palace. No information is given to the Assembly in Libya. The assembly of the folks will, the Gazi Assembly of our Salvation War, the national issues were discussed and discussed. Even the proxies of the palace are breeding from developments. But our nation is watching them. He sees what they do. Gives their grades. When the day arrived will show them their place in the chest.

Another bitter incident that the nation was taken in the test, the anniversary of the 15th of July traitor coup attempt. 4 years ago, the traitors that the aroused of the palace protect, feed and grow, do not export the intelligence reports to the intelligence reports, general knowledge, despite the request of the organization, they bombed the Assembly of the Nation. They had stained to blow to the will of the nation. O Night CHP’lisi, AK Party, MHP, HDP all deputies of the Assembly and the law of the nation. Our noble nation is our country’s Vatanperver officers and hero safety organizations, dearly resisted the traitor to the trait. 251 Our citizen was martyr. Our citizens of 2 thousand 196 were a gas by injuring. Our ancestors say ‘when the cheeky is strong, it would be justified guilty’. Yesterday, we have given this word once again when the Head of the palace of the AK Party General President, our party and the General President.

Erdogan always thinks ‘everyone blind, gummy’ thinks. To FETÖ, ‘We walked together on these roads,’ lament on it. Who was the ‘turn now that you are berring to his hometown’? Who was the ‘we didn’t have you asked’ to these? Who was this FETO to the Cosmic chamber of our National Ordam’s Harimi Ismet? Was Erdogan. ‘Kemalist Tradition, FETO,’ saying, ‘he was the political mind behind the traitor blow on television and a few days before? The AK Party was the president of the promotion and media. Despite the demand of the National Intitialization Organization, but despite the demand for generalization, who was explaining that the generals in the lead are not exported from the Army with the arrogant man’s request? That period was the Prime Minister.

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