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In fact, at the beginning of this article next week “open letter to our President,” I would write .. Just then Turkey Kemal Belgin’s article appeared in the newspaper sports page. Don’t be astonished “Music” on the sports page. Because Kemal also taught us from the “end Mohicans” from the newspapers of the newspapers. They don’t even know the present sports. The football they wrote.

Ordinary people have no family gardens they go. Maksim is not a “drinking family matters” of great gazinos. So in this country, the land of the land in Alaturka has not been able to listen to music.

The chest, as the old days of TRT, including comedy, entertainment, the entire family will collect the whole family per grandson, while serving the concept of “Family”, Alaturka will be called to the pleasure of music.

Selectations from the Archive, there are the most beautiful archive in the world, in TRT, the same program is repeatedly published and more than half, in public music …

There are four five performers that are worried by TRT music. They have been given a weekly special program, but not enough, in all kinds of structures, every day, on the screen, how to torpil ..

The day of Allah, the source of the unclear top 10 publishes the top 20 programs, but it is the top 20 program, it is located in the list, there is only one, a single pop music program, in TRT Music. Then list why? I’m guessing, Mr. Oktay ..

I wrote by giving name. TRT General Art Director Kenan Distributed Zat, not even the bother to respond.

Hope to Hope, TRT General Manager Ibrahim Eren written open letter to Ibrahim Eren. The press office has the press office, tonla guy .. with my taxes, including my taxes, the man in the salary area of ​​the man. TENEZZUL and the row did not answer.

“It is breed. The caravan walks ..” I’m in bulk, I’m happening, Dear Oktay!. In addition to being the most senior journalist of this country, as the first TRT and television reporter and the writer, this institution is almost as the inside of the palm.

1- Fly Above – Mahmut Orhan Ft. Sena Şener .. “Feel” from 5 years later this binary met again, good, well. Shazam Top 200 in the world list attracts attention as the only Turkish-made song.

2- Fingerprints – Aydilge & Birol Namoğlu .. is one of the best duet songs that I have listened to long time. Wonderful violin solo in the finals in the final Solo, from the successful young people of Utku.

4- Retrograde – Aleyna Fox .. both interpretation is very successful in both the clip performance. The first English verbal song. Words World Star prayer from Lipa; The producer, Beyonce, Weeknd also makes the producer of the world stars as well as King Henry. Moreover, for the first time, a Turkish singer has signed an international project with a world giant as Warner music.

5- Stay next to me – the attachment of the attachment .. 20 years old than Izmir yet conservatory student. A great voice and comment. The path is very clear.

6- Get – Hadise .. After a small road this song is also very good quality. Even found 5 million viewers in a week.

7- Don’t say it to me – on the ten kala.

Pro, ill-fuel in the kowid days, a stack of experts who want to promise their names (!) And the writer fed from them, to break down the people of the people, to break down the morale of the people, and go to them, “go out,” Go out, go to the hopes, “go out, go to them. You live your last days.

The easiest way to spoke yourself at the internet is the easiest way to spread, because it’s bad things. In half minutes, you are spreading from Los Angeles to Sydney your name is in social media .. eee .. If you are living in social media?

I do them, even as much as I can, and this trust, this morale, I enjoy these hope in this hope.

Today I wanted to offer you a pleasure .. This is the most famous conspiracy theory in the world.

When you see the mug paste you see on the side. For him has the letter “k” in the corner.

Look at the figure .. There is a knife in the King. That king did not cut his own neck. Is proof?.

(While they have removed cards, the pastor has an easy family game .. Come on to the table.

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